Psalms 105:15 “Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm”

The greatest thing that can happen to a man or a woman is to be appointed and ANOINTED by God for His service. When God appoints a man or a woman, He makes such a man or woman untouchable. God empowers them to thread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy. God also emphasised that nothing shall by any means hurt them.(Luke 10:19)

Moses was appointed by God to bring the children of Israel out of Egypt, out of bondage and servitude. God so anointed Moses and Aaron that Pharoah could not stand them. He could not oppress or afflict Moses and Aaron like he did to the chikdren of Israel.. WHY?

  1. The hand of God was upon them (Moses and Aaron)
  2. They were appointed by God
  3. They were anointed bý God
  4. They believed their God
  5. They knew they were men under authority
  6. They understood the frailty of mere mortal men compared to the majesty and power of God
  7. They were righteous and thus were fearless.

By extension, God has appointed and anointed you. You are the Moses of today. Your job is to bring out the sinners from the oppression of the Devil. Fear not! You are untouchable. Go in this thy new might. Be strong and do exploits for your God. In as much as Pharoah could not touch Moses neither can the Pharoah of today (Satan) touch you.

Gor bless you.

Pastor Imoniakemu.


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